When it comes to the bussers and hostesses, they're part of a lower restaurant caste system. They get shit on and abused and it's usually by the servers who have never been either. That's not to say that they don't screw up; they're human. However, the current staff is really good about correcting a mistake and passing it on through the ranks so that all of the hostesses/hosts are aware and know not to do that.
I'm always nice to the bussers and hostesses, because I've generally a nice person, and because when I'm working my solo bartender shifts on the weekends, they help me out so much. Seriously, a lot of the times, they save me a few steps by getting drink orders and/or refilling drinks and/or setting the tables up for the guests. AND I'm the only one they help out. Know why? Because I'm not a total bitch to them. And when I am, in the moments when I ask why the hell they triple-sat me with three parties of twenties, I always apologize for yelling (I do feel bad snapping at them) but they always say they understand and it's no big deal.
I don't know why some of the servers are so horrible to them; the hostesses KNOW EVERYTHING. They see it all, hear it all, servers come up to bitch to them about a table or another server or the manger, so they're like the Oracles of the restaurants. And as the all-seeing eye, they notice everything.

My point for saying all this is that the hostesses are good people. About a month or so ago, during lunch, two of them, Thelma and Louise, noticed a car repeatedly circling the parking lot. It took a bit before the car found a spot, about thirty steps from the restaurant. Two ladies got out, one on crutches, and asked to be sat near a window.
Now Thelma's job was to stand by the door and open it as guests come in and out, so you can imagine it gets crazy boring. As her mind starts to wander, she happens to look outside, at the two ladies' car, and sees some kind of movement. Grabbing her attention, she stares intently, hoping that it was just her imagination, when the head of a tiny kitten pops up. Thelma, calls Louise over and tells her there's a kitten in the car locked in a car on a 90 degree day. Louise, a cat-owner and lover, asks if Thelma's sure she saw a kitten, and just as the words leave her mouth, the kitten's head pops up again, and both girls hit the roof.
"We have to call the cops." Louise says.
"Let me go and get the license plate number." Thelma answers.
From my understanding, the plan was to go get the number and then tell our manager there was a baby kitten locked in a hot car, in the middle of the summer, and when he asks which car, hand over the information. The car with the kitten was parked next to a recycling center, so Thelma grabbed some old papers and acted like she was going to throw them away so she could write down the plate number. She walks outside, toward the car but is back in twenty seconds. The two ladies that had come in and asked to be sat near a window, requested it because they left their car running with the air conditioning on, because they're great pet owners and didn't want the kitten to die (the hostesses actually went over to thank the woman for be so awesome. The ladies were joyfully amused.) Crisis averted.

THEN, a few days ago during a very slow lunch, three people came in with a puppy and asked to be sat on the patio. For reasons unknown to me, we don't have a covering on our patio, so it gets hot. There's some trees that provide some shade but it's strategic seating.
So the three people come back in and ask Louise if dogs were allowed in the restaurant. Of course not, unless they're service dogs, otherwise it's a health code violation. She politely tells them so and they shrug, say "ok" and leave, only to come back a few minutes later puppyless. Louise sits them at a table and immediately sends the busser out to go find the car with the puppy (in hopes that they pulled the same stunt the kitten ladies did.)
BUT NO, apparently these people have never, ever, ever, read a newspaper or even gone to school to know that you don't leave people and animals in hot cars. Especially with how hot and humid it has been.
(By the way, I know everyone rips on how So-Cal people bitch anytime the weather is less than perfect, but on the real, it was sooooooooo humid this past weekend. Add that bullshit on to the August heat and it was not ideal weather unless you're near a body of water. And these people left their puppy in a car in that type of weather.)

Louise came running up to me about it (she already had the phone in her hand, ready to dial the final "1") and we went to our manager, who said that he'd call the cops on the trio himself (by this time the entire staff knew what was going on.) One of the servers said we blowing things out of proportion if we call the cops, why not just let the dog come in? Because huge fine and possible shut-down, that's why. I did point out that why it may have seemed harsh, these people clearly don't know that YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LEAVE ANIMALS IN A FUCKING HOT CAR, so maybe calling the cops would show them that they can't fucking do that. HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW THIS??!!

All while this was going on, Louise kept sending the busser out to make sure the dog was ok and servers were going up to the hostess stand and asking which table were the horrible owners. The table seemed to sense that something was up; if it wasn't that every time they looked up, there was judgmental faces staring at them, it was the fact that we all kept passing their tables to see how much food they had eaten, counting the minutes that the puppy was out in the hot car before our manager decided to call the cops. Fortunately they picked up on the bad vibes, had a few bites of their appetizers before asking for the check and leaving.