Update: After a very long discussion on CGT, I think I made my point.

Hey All!

Sooooo, someone has been pretending to be me and Twitter again. I wouldn’t make a post or bring it to attention but it has gotten hilariously weird and I want to make sure everyone is aware of this.

Long story short: YogaNerd and her crew are accusing me of posting DMs from that whole BM thing. They have been relentless in the fact that THEY KNOW IT WAS ME because they have evidence. I’ve called bullshit because there is none but in the back of mind, I was pretty sure that if there was evidence, it was fabricated.

Lo, and behold! I was right! (if you go to discussions, you’ll see this person trying to “show receipts.”


You guys know me. This is not me and that is not how I talk. To quite a friend “They sound like those ppl from 4chan impersonating black ppl. ‘What’s crackalackin my homeslice! Twitter is the shizzle bae!’” I WOULD NEVER USE BAE! JUST NO!

Anyhow, this gotten fucking ridiculous although it’s still pretty funny that anyone cares that much to start drama AND pretend to be me. Oh, and heads up, these people are also imitating Digbette.


If you’ve seen this, please give me a heads up. Thank you all.