Diversifying Your Media

This popped up on my Facebook link. It's a great read but I think what really stuck out to me is the "diversify your media."

I'll be honest: My media could use some diversifying, for reals, so I appreciated the info. I'm on Gawker Media a lot, that's how I get much of my news, and it never crosses my mind to look for… » 11/25/14 1:57pm Tuesday 1:57pm

The Lover’s Farewell By George Moses Horton

George Moses Horton was the first African American poet to be published in the Southern United States. His book was published in 1828 while he was still a slave and remained so until he was emancipated late in the Civil War.
Horton was born into slavery on William Horton's plantation in Northampton County, North… » 11/14/14 12:58am 11/14/14 12:58am

At the Closed Gate of Justice by James David Corrothers

James David Corrothers was born in Michigan in 1869, James David Corrothers became an important literary figure in the 1890s. Corrothers grew up in South Haven, a southern Michigan town established by abolitionists, fugitive slaves, and free blacks during the years before the civil war. For a time he was the only… » 11/08/14 11:46am 11/08/14 11:46am