Tales From The Bartender: The Worst Complaint a Server Can Get.

I was bartending last night and the drink ticket machine spouted out a ticket that called for three “Jameson and coffee.” Something told me to go ask the table if they actually wanted Irish coffees because I was pretty sure that’s what he meant but the server, as lazy and annoying as he is, usually has a pretty good… »8/21/15 2:58pm8/21/15 2:58pm

Tales From The Bartender: Parents, Please Be Smart About Alcohol.

So a family comes and sits down in my section: a mom in her late 40s and her son and daughter between the ages of 13-15. I greeted them and noticed that the son was flipping through the drink menu. This is not an incredibly huge deal, as there are non-alcoholic drinks also located in this book, but the kid wasn’t… »5/18/15 2:17am5/18/15 2:17am

Hey Red - i don't know if you have heard about this BBC3 documentary with British broadcaster Reggie Yates in Russia. Here is an article about his interaction with nationalists. It has got to be one of the most disturbing pieces of TV I have seen in a long time. Genuinely scary stuff. There is an interview with a… »4/22/15 4:33pm4/22/15 4:33pm

You Don’t Need a Court Verdict to Voice an Opinion

Whenever accusations of inappropriate behavior arise, there is a subset of internet commenters who channel Jack McCoy and speak as though Law & Order is real life. This misogynistic trend has never been more true than when a woman or women accuse a high profile man of sexually inappropriate behavior. »1/06/15 1:45am1/06/15 1:45am

This Photo Is Bullshit On So Many Levels.

This is actually a photo of a man who died in 2011 (I'm told.) I'm sharing this so that if it pops up on Facebook (as it will) people will be able to say something. I'm sure it's horrifying for the family of this man to be associated with such a horrible story, and I know that I'm not directly helping but essentially,… »9/04/14 4:08pm9/04/14 4:08pm

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